How to Make Money Blogging in 2019 (Quickly)

If you ever found it hard to make money blogging but really want to learn how this post will help you get started.  There is a lot of potential in blogging. Almost anyone can create a successful blog. The best part is that it isn’t rocket science.. 

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9 niche ideas for your blog

Niche blogs are highly profitable as they focus on providing much needing information to specific groups of people instead of just spamming random content unto a webpage and seeing what sticks. 

Here are 9 highly lucrative niche ideas that you can get started with right now. 

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Back in 2012 I first decided to pursue an online career but I had no idea what I was doing, what I should be doing nor where to get help. In my mind, I just really wanted to find a way to be successful that didn’t require me to slave for some corporation. Over the years I have come to learn that not everything works and there is no one method for everyone. I have also come to understand that the one common ingredient for long term success is great traffic. 

Whether you have your own website, online store or agency, or an offline brick and mortar business, high-quality traffic at an affordable cost is vital for your success. For this reason, I have created this website with the aim of helping the aspiring marketer to short cut their way to explosive traffic without spending years and dollars to figure it out.

My intention with this website is two folds. First, for you to be able to use this website as a hand holding course to learn the steps needed to build a thriving online business and to earn multiple streams of income. Second, for you to learn how to present your new business to the right audience whenever you desire. 

For this website to achieve its goals the content presented will be focused on simplifying all the aspects of web designing, branding, professionalism and tapping into the best free traffic sources online. A lot of this information will be coming from my personal experiences and case studies of the success of EthicalTraffic.com. 

Okay, so to get started, I suggest you begin by taking advantage of the free case study below and to check out our blog. Feel free to get intouch with me through our contact form if you need any help. 


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When I first got started online Facebook was my main source of traffic and the platform which I made my first affiliate commission through. Click the button to see a free case study of how I did it and how you can do the same today!